Adele: ‘What The F*ck Does Beyonce Have To Do To Win Album Of The Year?’

Posted by Caitlin White on

The Grammys upset a lot of people tonight by shutting out Beyonce from their three most prestigious awards — and the winner of those awards is one such person. Adele already said onstage that she thought her Album of the Year award should’ve gone to Beyonce and Lemonade, and in further interviews after the award show she doubled down on that. In the above clip she shares her memory of the first time she heard Beyonce singing on “No, No, No” — when she was eleven years old — and notes that her own album of the year was Lemonade.

She says that hearing Lemonade was akin to hearing Beyonce for the first time, a statement that I think a lot of people agree with. This was a next-level album from an already very talented and influential artist. Adele also asks the question that many of us are asking in the wake of Beyonce losing the Grammy for Album Of The Year three times: What does she have to do??

As Adele further notes, Lemonade shows us another side of Beyonce, an intimate one that we don’t get to see for most pop stars. Though the film setup for the record is new, and as Adele notes the Grammys are traditional, one could argue it pushed the concept of the pop album, music consumption, and streaming, even further than any other artist of 2016.

Plus, after she performed while pregnant and glowing up on that stage, they should’ve revised whatever tallies they’d made before anyway. Sorry Grammys, Kanye is no longer the only one sick of your sh*t.