A Trap Remix Of The ‘Cash Me Outside Girl’ Is Now Charting On The Hot 100

Posted by Caitlin White on

Because of the way the internet works, a 13-year-old girl named Danielle Bregoli — who was a guest on Dr. Phil — is currently part of a song that’s charting on the Billboard Hot 100. What fresh hell? you might ask, to which I would answer: Memes.

For a bit more context, the teen was upset when the audience laughed at her on the show, and stated “All these hoes laughing like there’s something funny. Cash me outside, howbow dat?” in a thick southern accent. The phrasing and her age certainly helped make it funnier, but I still can’t really figure out why it became as popular as it did. She’s even in Kodak Black’s new video, which might be how the next piece of the story comes into play.

Bregoli’s viral catchphrase is about to become even more popular, regardless, thanks to a trap remix of her exchange with Phil done by DJ Suede The Remix God that debuted on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 34 and No. 88 on the Hot 100. The remix, which is obviously called “Cash Me Outside (#CashMeOutside)” samples Bregoli and Phil over fairly basic trap drums and synths. We all know this is headed to the top ten, right?

It’s not the remix we want, but it is definitely the remix we deserve. If you need to cleanse your palette after listening above, reminder that there’s another new Future album in the world, and this one is even better than the last.