A ‘Surprise Informant’ Has Surfaced In Tekashi 69’s Racketeering Case Causing Concern For His Lawyers

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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There’s good news and bad news for incarcerated Brooklyn rapper Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 69, aka 6ix9ine. While plugged-in video blogger Akademiks reported that his formerly-postponed album, Dummy Boy, may see release as early as today, TMZ reports that prosecutors in his racketeering case have produced a confidential informant, further causing concern for his legal team.

While Tekashi pled “not guilty” to the extensive list of charges against him and was given a court date almost a year away, prosecutors revealed they’ve cultivated a series of recordings — and not the kind rappers should be known for — with the help of a confidential informant. Tekashi’s lawyer, though confident that any conversations that may have been recorded of his client will paint a picture that he was not really in as tightly with his co-defendants as prosecutors say, did admit that, “Anytime there is a confidential informant, there is cause for concern.”

He continued, “I am confident that any recorded conversations with [Tekashi] will prove that he was never a part of the Enterprise and support the conclusion that he’s innocent.” Unfortunately for Tekashi he’ll have to wait almost a year to find out if that’s true; in the meantime, he’s been transferred out of his original facility to one used for witness protection for safety while his lawyer plans to appeal directly to the judge for bail.