A New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Clip Pits Black Panther Against Bucky

Posted by Dan Seitz on

Captain America: Civil War is less than a month away, and the marketing has been ramping up accordingly. With it comes clips, including this interesting one featuring Black Widow, Sharon Carter, Tony, and Black Panther all taking on Bucky.

First and foremost, it looks like Bucky is either back under HYDRA’s thrall or thinks the rest of the team is out to kill him. And, unsurprisingly, the heavily trained dude with the robot arm does pretty well against a group of humans, even if Tony has clearly been to the dojo and Black Widow fights, uh, pragmatically:

Captain America Civil War Ow My Buckyballs


But the most interesting part is we get to see T’Challa fight without the Black Panther suit. He seems to be roughly at the same level as Black Widow, so while he can get a few shots in, he takes a few as well.

This does leave us with a few questions, though. Where is this particularly grim concrete cafeteria? How is Bucky still being manipulated when he shook off that brainwashing during Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Why isn’t Tony in jail after the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron since pretty much everything awful that happened in that movie is more or less his fault? We’ll find out May 6.

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