A Mexcan Drug Lord Lands On Forbes List With A Worth Of 1 Billion

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Mexico’s most wanted man Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, blamed for thousands of deaths in a drug war, has made it onto the Forbes Magazine list of the world’s richest people with an estimated $1 billion fortune. Guzman, who is just 5 feet tall, escaped from prison in 2001 to set off a wave of killings across Mexico in an attempt to dominate the country’s highly lucrative drug trade into the United States.

Guzman, 51, who officials believe changes his cell phone every day to avoid being tracked, is often compared to the late Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar, whom Forbes has said amassed a fortune of $3 billion before he was killed by police in 1993.

Full Story: Reuters

Forbes keeps track of drug dealers too? The war on drugs in Mexico is getting out of hand, people are being warned to avoid going there for vacations and spring break. People are getting shot, decapitated, kidnapped, the whole nine. Check below for a video about the drug war in Mexico.