A Lil Xan Fan Apparently Got The Same Exact Face Tattoos As The Rapper

Posted by Jordan Coley on

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The rise of the face tattoo as the chief identifier of rap’s Soundcloud generation is not all that surprising if you really think about. What says “I’m a reckless, fun-loving and live exclusively in the moment” more than a permanent, highly-visible, often poorly thought out body modification? So it should come as no surprise, then, that many of rap Nu-rap’s biggest stars sport a cornucopia of facial ink. In a way, the choice to permanently adorn one’s own face with, for example, the phrase “ZZZ LOVER,” displays a commitment to one’s own brand and success that, while slightly short-sighted, is almost impressive. The choice to get that same phrase tattooed on your face that Lil Xan did, however, is slightly harder to reckon with.

That’s exactly what one fan did recently. Last week, Instagram user @high.xanxiety posted a photo with the caption “new tattoo xanarchy gang forever!! i love you @xanxiety .” In the photo, a boy who looks to be no older than 20 appears with face tattoos that match those of the 22-year-old rapper Lil Xan. These include the words “Candy Soldier,” written on his left cheek, a line of dots running down the bridge of his nose, the word “Bitch” written below his right eyebrow, the aforementioned “ZZZ LOVER” and, apparently, the newest edition: an inky stream of tattooed tears below the left eye.

For his part, the California rapper seemed to appreciate the gesture. On Sunday, he reposted the fan’s photo and wrote, “My supporters are so dope! @high.xanxiety s/o to you for being part of this cult fanbase i love all my fans to pieces.”