A Last-Minute Travis Scott Show Cancellation Led To A Chaotic Scene Involving Police And Pepper Spray

Posted by Derrick Rossignol on

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Last night, Travis Scott was supposed to perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but less than two hours before the show was supposed to start, Scott and his team made the decision to cancel the performance due to technical issues. Fans who were already outside and waiting to get into the venue were not pleased, and the scene that resulted wasn’t pretty.

Both the BOK Center — the venue where Scott was supposed to perform — and Scott sent out tweets about the decision to pull the plug on the gig, with Scott writing, “Tulsa so sorry I can’t perform at tonight’s sold out show. We had last minute production issues and I can’t give y’all an incomplete show. Rescheduled to March 26 all tix still valid. Everyone get home safe.”

It turns out fans had to worry about their safety before they started making their way home. Upset would-be concertgoers started getting rowdy, and Tulsa World notes that one of the facility’s glass doors was broken. Police were called to the scene, and they used pepper balls, a projectile that releases a pepper spray-like powdered chemical, to disperse the crowd. Tulsa Police Sgt. Brandon Smith said that nobody was struck and there were no injuries.

Fans have posted clips of the incident, so check out some videos below.