A Giant Snake Eats Lil Baby In Young Thug’s Surreal ‘Chanel’ Video With Gunna

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Don’t watch Young Thug‘s video for “Chanel” if you’re afraid of snakes or super fond of Lil Baby and Gunna‘s pairing, because for one thing, there is an absolutely massive snake that wraps itself around Young Thug in an eerie scene playing on his propensity for reptile imagery in his videos and album covers. For another, the snake eventually gets so large it actually eats Lil Baby, basically making an orphan of Gunna’s elastic, lyrical delivery and denying us all a follow-up to their standout joint album, Drip Harder.

But please do watch the Elliott Sellers and Sam Shea-directed video for the standout single from Young Thug’s compilation album, Slime Language if you enjoy hearing Gunna and Lil Baby’s interplay leavened with a heavy dose of Young Thug’s twisty-turny rap-crooning. There are also some stunning, Salvador Dali-esque images of trees, buildings, cars, and the like melting, distorting, and swaying along to the bouncy beat provided by Psymun, SinGrinch, and Wheezy.

As the trio reels off lists of the designer goods they would happily offer the objects of their affection, the scene shifts from a nighttime urban landscape to a tropical rainforest where Lil Baby falls victim to the cold-blooded creeper’s Anaconda-like appetite. Fortunately, what with the snake being computer generated, we’ll all probably still get Lil Baby’s next album, Street Gossip, on schedule.