A Florida Couple Allegedly Posed As Adele’s Manager To Score Some Kendrick Lamar Tickets

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

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Everybody knows Kendrick Lamar is in high demand, and one Florida couple may have went the felonious route to try and score a few tickets to see Kung-Fu Kenny in concert.

The Miami Herald reports married couple Justin Jackson and Angel Lii posed as Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickins to try and grab a few tickets to the Rolling Loud festival this past weekend to see Kendrick, going so far as contacting Kendrick’s label Interscope Records directly to ask for passes to the show. When Interscope surmised the request was bogus, they reached out to the real Dickins and confirmed their fears.

From there, Dickins contacted the Miami-Dade police, and a sting was set up to capture the culprits. Jackson, Lii and a third woman showed up to the meet to obtain the tickets and the couple was promptly arrested and charged with grand theft and identity theft charges. The third woman, Hayle Henegar, was not charged.

Jackson has a history with fraud, and served two years in prison after posing as a rep for Madonna and convincing a New York boutique to loan out $2.4 million in jewelry, which he then sold to a pawn shop in Florida. Jackson has also been sued for allegedly posing as Oprah Winfrey’s nephew and a Reggie Love, a former Barack Obama aide.

The Dickins scam has allegedly been going on for over a year, with the culprit contacting representatives for the likes of Rihanna, Usher, Drake, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pharrell to score tickets and memorabilia.