50 Cent Wants To Bring Hardcore Hip Hop Back?

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“Now I gotta shift the energy,” 50 added. “I gotta make them follow me. After they follow me, they’ll be able to make real hip-hop records and make them successful. I have to have a successful project with really good hip-hop music to make these people go, ‘OK, we can make [a real hip-hop album].’ I have to be successful to make the record companies go, ‘We can support this guy that wrote a rap album’ instead of feeling like ‘We need him to go on this record with Ne-Yo or Dream.

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Hardcore Hip Hop had its run but the game has changed now. Your going to have to adapt or be left behind. You can still have hard core tracks but it has to be mixed with tracks for the ladies and clubs. Drake had great songs on his mixtape but, “Best I Ever Had,” is the one that made him blow up.