50 Cent Could Retire After Next Album, Compares Himself To Jay-Z

Posted by uproxx on

50 Cent stated during a King Magazine interview:
“It could very well be my last studio album if it doesn’t make sense for me to continue and actually do it.

50 Cent goes on to compare himself to Jay-Z:

“I believe that I will have a stronger position as we move forward. What I have on my side is age. In the next five years, they’ll be 45 and 44 years old and I’ll just be close to where they are now.” He’s married, he’s getting ready to be 40. He’s in a different place, he might not even want to run around, and even touring might be out of the question.”

Looks like 50’s next album is dropping March 24th, the same date as Rick Ross’, “Deeper Than Rap.” Should this be 50’s last album? Thoughts on his comments about Jay-Z?