21 Savage Visits A Gun Range To Prove He ‘Don’t Need No Shooters’

Posted by Delenda Joseph on


Unlike Chief Keef, 21 Savage doesn’t have a felony on his record. So he’s free to shoot all the guns he wants at his friendly neighborhood gun range. Because if you’ll recall, Chief Keef was jailed for violating his probation when he was filmed toting a rifle at a gun range for a Pitchfork freestlye segment. 21 doesn’t have those problems.

Savage recently headed to the shooting range to blow off some steam while also showing off his pew-pew-pew blaow skills. The rapper looked like a pro as he shot away at a target with an assortment of handguns and a larger weapon that appeared to be an assault rifle. At the end of the clip, originally posted on his Instagram story, the 24-year-old Slaughter King proudly displays his handiwork, boasting, “Yeah! Good aim, bitch!”

The trip to the range comes after 21 declined 50 Cent’s invitation to box it out with 22 Savage for the crown as the one and only savage. 22 Savage is a parody of 21. “We walk around with choppas and sh*t man. We ain’t boxing no motherf*ckin n****s, man,” 21 said during a recent performance. The rapper later said he wasn’t about to give 22 any promo. “I ain’t finna make any you broke, dusty, crumb-chasing ass n****s famous man. Peon peasant ass n****. Before I make a n**** famous, a n**** gon sign me.”