21 Savage Calls Layzie Bone’s Migos Diss The ‘Weakest Diss Song Ever’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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One of 2018’s strangest rap feuds yet has expanded, as 21 Savage, a collateral target of Layzie Bone’s “Let Me Go Migo” diss track aimed at Offset and Migos, has chimed in with his opinion. Of course, it’s none too friendly, as the Atlanta trap rapper responded to the track on an Instagram live with a rather blunt appraisal.

“I thought that sh*t was gon’ be hard,” he told his fans. “‘Cause I love all his old sh*t. But that sh*t was wack as a motherf*cker. That’s probably the weakest diss song I’ve ever heard in my life. No cap.” Given Layzie’s membership in the legendary Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the first part is likely true; 21, like any other rap fan his age, would probably have heard the group’s songs “Crossroads” or “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” growing up thanks to their near ubiquity throughout the late 90s and early 2000s.

However, time marches on, and now Migos have occupied a similar space in pop culture, dominating radio with a run of hits that led to them calling themselves the “biggest group ever.” Layzie took offense to that assessment, which led to shots fired on both sides, culminating in “Let Me Go Migo,” which was primarily aimed at Migos, but for some reason also included 21 on its Grinch-inspired cover.

It looks like 21 is doing what he always does: Taking it in stride. The I Am > I Was rapper has been known to flip any and all viral jokes about him into his music, from the “Issa knife” meme, which became the title of his major label debut album, to the “ASMR” jokes about his verse on Metro Boomin’s “Don’t Come Out The House,” which became a song of its own on his latest album. While “ASMR” has sparked a little controversy of its own, knowing Savage, he’s likely to flip that controversy into another clever title somewhere down the line as well, so Layzie’s diss is likely just more ammo in his extended clip of clever, judo-like reversals.