2 Chainz Unveils The Trap Choir Version Of ‘Good Drank’ With Gucci Mane

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Sometimes things just mesh. Peanut butter and jelly. Sunny days and beaches. Liquor and fast food. Apparently we can add trap music and choirs to the mix because once 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane stepped aside and allowed a full choir featuring Mike Dean on grand piano with Fonz Bentley and the Roots assisting the effort, magic was made on television for everybody watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

Video of the impeccable mix immediately went viral and fans were instantly glamouring for a full release of the track from 2 Chainz and Guwop, and Mr. Two Necklaces heard the pleas and obliged the people by releasing a studio version of the track. Quavo’s verse from the original version of the song isn’t included, as he wasn’t present for the live performance either, but despite how incredible he can be trading him for the choir is a understandable as the track is taken to an entirely new place.

It’s a fun mix, so much so that it wouldn’t be too surprising if this becomes a trend in the sub-genre where angelic choirs are placed on top of booming 808 drums, between rapped verses about trap life more often. And as Gucci and 2 Chainz showed on Fallon, and Chance The Rapper at the Grammys, there nothing quite like a live performance with a choir.