2 Chainz Sat In On A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Because The World Is Weird

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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If you believe in the idea of parallel universes, there are infinite number of other realms that range from microscopically different from our own to completely unrecognizable that we could potentially inhabit. The odds of living in any one particular universe are astronomically low. Given that, we should thank whatever roll of the dice left us in the universe where dad-joke, strip club rapper 2 Chainz was allowed to sit in on a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Go back. Read that last sentence again…really savor it.

The Pretty Girls Love Trap Music rapper streamed parts of a surgery performed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer (better known as Dr. Miami) to his social media platforms. Of course, the rapper who changed birthday wish lists forever had the permission of both Salzhauer and the patient, though we don’t know if anyone should be comfortable with the insane amount of jewelry he’s wearing in the operating room.

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Before you ask questions like “How?” or “Why?”, you should know that 2 Chainz seems just as confused about this turn of events as everyone else. In a post to his Instagram, he pre-empted any questions from fans with a caption of “Don’t ask me, guys. I don’t know.”

The fact that he was sitting in on a butt lift surgery is strange enough on its face. But it gets weirder when you consider that he’s always been more of a…Tity Boi.